The terrain and the route

Our arena is located at the fields of S.v. Wodanseck in Wolfheze.

Almost at the end of the road, past the tennis club, is the sports park.

You can park for free at the canteen of soccer club Wodanseck, there is more than enough space.

From the parking lot, walk on the left side right past the cafeteria, down the steps and then straight ahead on the path along the soccer field. At the end of the soccer field, you can already see the gate of the ZapTeam Arena on your right.

Tip: Have players go to the bathroom beforehand. Our WC is a short walk from the playground, so it saves a lot of time when they have already been 🙂

Duitsekampweg 45, 6874 BV Wolfheze



We like to give our participants as much freedom as possible. But to make sure everything runs smoothly, we do have some rules.

As a supervisor of a minor group, you remain responsible for the group and should make these rules clear to the kids in advance. Because you will be actively playing outdoor sports with ZapTeam, there is a risk of injury, falls, bumps and the like.

If a participant does not abide by the rules, ZapTeam may remove the participant from the game.

Participation in our activities is subject to the general conditions of Sport Institute Europe and our additional conditions, which you agree to when booking.

  • Put on sturdy, closed shoes and long pants.
  • Wear old clothes that can get dirty
  • Always follow the directions of the ZapTeam supervisor
  • There must be at least one adult supervisor with a group
  • You may bring your own food and drink, but please take your own trash back home.
    (we do not have a dumpster)
  • Group supervisors also play a
    Active role in guiding the group
  • Playing shot or drunk is not allowed

Safety and insurance

We are affiliated with Sport Institute Europe. They check our security and take care of our insurance. They require us to have all participants sign a validity statement prior to the activity. For a group of minors, the adult supervisor signs on behalf of the group.

We’ll have you sign that form upon arrival. You can also print it out and bring it signed, then when you arrive everything will go even faster!

Validity Statement Minors

Validity Statement Adults

Check for ticks

You’ll be out in nature for a long time at ZapTeam. So it is very important that when you get home you check well for ticks.

Ticks are everywhere in nature. They climb up from the ground along your leg and nestle in warm spots on your body. They can spread nasty diseases, so if you encounter a tick,

Then remove it properly.