Laser gaming for children

Laser gaming for children

Outdoor laser gaming is suitable for children as young as 7 years old! ZapTeam guides your laser game party with various fun laser game games. While playing, we walk around to help the kids learn to aim and to answer questions.

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children’s party with ZapTeam
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A children’s party with ZapTeam

We welcome you at the appointed time at our beautiful arena in Wolfheze or at another location. Then we briefly explain how the laser guns work and what the rules are.

We usually play two rounds of Team against Team first, this way the kids can learn about the laser guns and we can help them learn to aim and shoot accurately.

Usually after 10 minutes they really get the hang of it!

Depending on the age of the children and the amount of time booked, we then play a few different laser game games.

The Zombie Apocalypse is a big favorite! But also playing with 4 Teams, each for themselves or our special, exciting Golden Gun (Fortnite) game where you have to sneak very quietly, always do well.

We conclude with the birthday boy’s choice. If the parents like it, that could include a game of Kids vs.

The kids are sure to go home full of exciting stories afterwards!

That was my most fun children’s party ever!

~ every birthday boy so far

Our lasergame games

With our advanced laser game system
we can play various fun games!

Team against Team

All ages

Two teams compete against each other for the highest score. When a player is finished the medkit in the team base can replenish all lives!

The guns have unlimited ammunition and reload automatically. So run around and shoot!

This game can also be played with 4 teams.

Zombie Apocalypse

All ages

During the Team against Team game, one of the players turns into a zombie, with a fearsome growling laser gun!

If you are killed by a zombie, you will turn into a zombie yourself. Thus, a true zombie plague is created! The game is over when everyone is a zombie.

Every man for himself (Fortnite)

From 8 years of age

The battle really erupts when everyone can shoot at everyone else. Four medkits are scattered around the playing field so that everyone can play without limit until the game is over.

At the end, we can see which player has the highest score.

Golden Gun

From 9 years of age

Sneaking and hiding are the most important things in this game. You can shoot 1 time and then you have to reload yourself. Reloading takes 2 seconds. So this game is slow and quiet, making it very exciting!

If you are hit twice then you are finished. You can recharge your lives and your ammunition at one of the four medkids.

May the best player win!


Team Domination

From ±12 years

In the center of the playing field is a Domination Box. When a team captures that box by shooting at it, time starts running! Which team can hold the Domination Box the longest?

A game full of action and tactics.

And watch out, because the Domination Box is targeting you…two hits and you’re done. So be quick!


Capture the Flag

From 10 years of age

Will you manage to get into the enemy’s base alive? Then you can capture the there flag. After that, you must also return the flag to your own base alive to win the game….

Cheating is not possible because the flag is stored digitally!

Note: this game is only possible with the use of the target vests

Children vs. Adults

All ages

The children all play against the adults. To make sure you don’t come home completely exhausted as an adult, you have unlimited lives! The children do need to go to the medkit when they are finished.

A hilarious game which the children always enjoy very much. As an adult, don’t count on winning 😉

Counter Strike

From ± 12 years

A team of “terrorists” hides a bomb somewhere in the camp and sets it off.

The other team of ‘special forces’ must invade the camp, find the bomb and take it out before it explodes!

An exciting game with an impressive ‘bomb’, like the computer game Counter Strike!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also always email, call or whatsapp us!

How long will I book?

It really only depends on your preference! For most children ages 7 and up, a playtime of 1.5 hours is ideal. Not too long and not too short. With longer playtimes, especially with younger children, it is advisable to have a drink or snack in between.

The longer you book, the more different games we can do and the greater the challenge for the kids!

What if it rains?

A little bit of rain is not a problem. Is it going to be really bad? If so, we can always cancel or reschedule at no charge.

It has to be fun of course!

Lasergaming at the coolest arena in the Netherlands?